Pontus Marine Ltd was launched in London, UK,  by end of July 2013 and is registered in the UK and Somaliland. .  The company is the first Somaliland’s global fishing company owned by share holders. For the first time of the Somaliland history, the company brought together more than thousand of investors and global experts on investments and fishery industry.  The company issues share certificates to each investor.

Board Of Directors

Mohammed Yusef


Mohammed Yusef is trained as a Lawyer and practiced commercial and media law for 10 years before turning to a career in structured finance and investment. He has worked with many of the leading financial institutions in the UK and Europe both in his capacity as a lawyer and finance professional. Mr. Yusef is the Chairman/CEO of Invicta Capital Limited which he set up in 2001 to raise funding for media and property transactions in the UK. Invicta Capital Limited has since raised over £1 billion from clients for transactions initiated, implemented and managed by Invicta Capital Limited.

Ahmed Abokor Mahamoud

Managing Director

Ahmed Abokor Mahamoud has obtained his higher education from UK. He has extensive experience in marketing and business start-ups. He also has extensive knowledge of the Somaliland region and local business practices which will prove invaluable at all stages of the company’s operation and development. Ahmed established his own business in UK.

Derek Keogh

Finance Director

Derek Keogh is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant and specializes in all aspects of start-up companies. He has worked with medium sized manufacturing companies for over 20 years (including packaging for the fishing industry) and 5 years in the Asset Management industry focusing on the oil and food industries. In 2005 Derek decided to focus on post conflict regions such as Iraq and Somalia. He is also a director of Epic Aqua Limited, responsible for the financial plans to establish onshore fish farms in Spain for Senegalese Sole and Bluefin Tuna.

The Advisory Board


The Board of Directors of the Company has appointed an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board does not have power to make decisions regarding the Company nor will it have authority to contractually bind it. The Advisory Board consist of members who either have knowledge of the region and/or the industrial sectors in which the Company operates, or will be prominent citizens of Somaliland or the UK, who in the opinion of the directors of the Company, can make an effective contribution to the business of the Company. Mr Mahamoud Dalmar is the Chairman of the
Advisory Board.

Customer Service

T: 252 633432886

T: 252 634000388
Email: info@pontusmarine.com