Welcome to Pontus Marine

“In response to an ever-growing global demand for fish, Pontus Marine Limited is committed to continually securing access to under-utilized and abundant ocean resources, and fulfilling the needs of the health and value-conscious consumer through sustainable fishing practices.” – Pontus Marine CEO

Pontus Marine is founded in 2013 in the UK. The company is dedicated to provide quality fishery to both domestic and overseas markets. Pontus Marine is the first of its kind in Somaliland. The company is designed to be owned by shareholders; the founders established transparent and robust structure that makes this company unique compared to other companies that exist in the region.

Although the company is based in London, UK, it will have headquarters in Maydh and Berbera, Somaliland. These Somaliland coastal cities will allow us to access to the most productive phytoplankton and zooplankton areas in the world, sustaining rich feeding and nursery grounds for more than 600 fish species, including high value species like tuna, lobster, cuttlefish, shrimps, shark and many more.

Pontus Marine is striving to compete in global markets and quickly return profits in relatively short period of time.

  • Pioneer in investment-based companies and corporations in Somaliland.
  • Create local employment.
  • Give back to community.


Customer Services
Email: info@pontusmarine.com

Land line: + 2522 741214Mobile : + 252633361969/252633832001